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cPanel Price Increase

Hello HostKoi Customers,

Recently cPanel has announced massive price increases. cPanel is moving to a per account based pricing model. This not only effects HostKoi but all shared and reseller hosting providers world wide who use cPanel as their web hosting control panel. This has made it a hard time for the hosting industry as a whole. You will notice changes with most providers overtime. 

Here's what we do know as far as HostKoi is concerned 
  • We will be stopping sales of reseller hosting immediately. It's possible these plans will return under a different control panel. If a replacement control panel can be found that supports reseller hosting can be found we'll restart our reseller plans. Current reseller plans account holders don't need to worry your service will continue.
  • We are getting rid of cPanel as our hosting control panel altogether, being a budget friendly host the new pricing models of cPanel just don't line up with our core business plan so this change is necessary to remain in this market. 
  • We also know for sure we won't offer cPanel on VPS or dedicated servers as of this date. 
  • Once we have decided what control panel we'll use going forward we will write up detailed documentation. We understand that it's going to be different from cPanel in terms of looks and how it operates but we'll be standing by to help our customers during the control panel transition period. 
  • We will be writing up documentation for the new control panel so you know how to use it.
  • Any accounts that are more then 7 days past due on payment will be canceled automatically. We want to streamline the process of transferring over accounts as much as possible. Please make sure your invoice is paid up.
  • Accounts that have been suspended more then 2 months will be canceled. We feel 2 months is a reasonable amount of time for the account owner to notice the account has been suspended and to make contact with us. Failing to do so will result in the account being removed prior to the control panel change. This again is to streamline the transfer process. We don't to be bogged down by accounts that aren't active.
  • We don't see any need for a price increase for current accounts. We have a good history of not raising prices on older accounts and don't have plans to start now.
The "to be seen"
  • We are going to replace cPanel with a new control panel for both new and old accounts. We are still doing our research on what control we are going to replace it with. It could be a another commercial control panel or to avoid issues like this in the future we might go open source and customize a control panel to fit our needs over time. More details will be announced once we're done doing our research.
  • Depending on the control panel we go with we might have to do manual account transfers. If this ends up being the case we will let you know.
With all that being said we are in the middle of testing control panels and will announce what we are going with soon. We aren't taking this task lightly and want you to know we are keeping both you as a customer and HostKoi as a business in mind when making this change. HostKoi strives to continue bringing you excellent service for years to come. We're asking you to please be understand with us during this time and if you have questions please reach out to us via ticket support for the most detailed answers. 

- Marc Berkley
Owner HostKoi Web Services LLC.
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