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HostKoi News and Updates 5/9/2018

Good afternoon everyone! HostKoi is pleased to announce a number of exciting changes to our service.

Support Team
We have been working very hard behind the scenes to put together a dedicated support team. We can now offer full 24/7 support service. No matter what time you submit a ticket you will get a response within no more then 1 hour. This will be part of our Standard Support that comes with all hosting packages offered by us.

Priority Support
We’re also including a new support option to get support even faster, that’s our Priority Support. You will get a response time within 30 minutes or less! This cost effective option is only $4.50 per month. You can add or remove this addon as you please.

Shared Hosting
We have lowered the price of our shared hosting. While the base plan KS1 is still $7.99 per month, the KS2 and KS3 have been lowered quite a bit to $9.99 and $11.99 per month respectively. Don’t forget we are also running a promo, save 50% on new service with coupon code 50OFFLIFE at checkout.

New VPS Plans
We have been working to bring you new VPS Hosting plans that not only gives you a bigger bang for your buck, but gives you more options such as multiple locations to choose from. The new plans range from $1.25 per month to $14.00.
View Plans here

cPanel Server Management
Along with are new vps host we are offering cPanel Server Management. The cPanel Server Management can be added any vps or dedicated server that we offer that supports cPanel. Management is proactive, we’ll monitor the server to ensure it’s online at all times. If it happens to go offline we’ll reboot and take the steps needed to get your server back online.

[b]Privacy Policy [/b]
We have updated our Privacy Policy as of 05/03/2018, you can view that here

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