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PHP 7.1 Support

As support for PHP 5.6 near to an end this year we are starting to deploy PHP 7.1 as our default version. Free hosting and EU1 are the first to run the new configuration, if no problems are found we will deploy it on all other servers as well.

PHP 5.6 will still be selectable using MultiPHP Manager, however by the end of 2018 we will remove php 5.6 from all servers. Also any new servers that are brought online will have PHP 7.1 only running going forward.

We suggest anyone running older software to upgrade to the newest versions as some might stop working once we remove php5.6 completely.

This thread will be updated once all servers have been switched over to PHP 7.1.

Looks like Ioncube was missed. We have rebuild the package on freeserver1 and EU1 and will allow it to run throughout the weekend. If all goes as planned we'll deploy this setup on the rest of the servers.

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