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>Finding Sales Leads For Your Cleaning Business
Posted by nick_niesen on October 28th, 2010

Copyright 2006 The Janitorial Store

When starting out in your cleaning business Cheap Jerseys Wholesale , your first clients may be friends, relatives or clients that you had while working for another cleaning service. To grow your business you need to expand your circle and gain new customers. Where do you look for potential clients? The following are practical ideas to find qualified leads.

-- Join a networking or volunteer organization. Your community may have a chamber of commerce, Sertoma Cheap Jerseys From China , Rotary or other networking organization. Joining and participating is one way to get businesses in the community to know about you and the services you provide.

-- Become an authority. Conduct a survey or poll that offers marketing information and then publicize the results through press releases and websites. Another way to become an expert is to teach classes in a local community education program. Both ways will build recognition and hopefully demand for your services.

-- Find a partner. Work with businesses that compliment your cleaning service. Think of pairing up with a carpet cleaning service, air duct service or a business that cleans blinds. When your partner cannot supply a service they can refer the client to you and vice versa.

-- Create an industry profile. Put together an informative speech or write an article about green cleaning, taking care of carpets or another area you're experienced in. Then put together a few promotional pieces to mail out to the local media.

-- Buy banner ads in electronic media. Look for a website that targets your potential customers Cheap Jerseys China , such as your local chamber. This can deliver your information right to the businesses that need your services.

-- Read your local newspaper. Your local paper will keep you informed about new businesses, expansions and remodelings. These can all be prospective clients.

-- Have a booth at a Business Expo. Most communities have some type of commerce and industry trade shows. Setting up a booth and having a sign up for door prizes is one way for people in the community to learn about the services you provide.

-- Check your records. Have you lost clients? Were there potential customers who contacted you that you did not sign up for cleaning services? Circumstances may have changed and they might now need your services.

-- Buy leads. You can buy prospect lists and mailing lists from various sources including local chambers, trade groups Cheap Jerseys , professional organizations and mailing list services. Some lists can be very specific and break down the leads to specific groups, while others (such as from a chamber) may include all the group members.

Growing your cleaning business and getting more clients will take some time, creativity and perseverance. Devoting time into developing contacts and using the above ideas as guidelines you can grow your cleaning business and put your profits into the bank!

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? Hero's strength of character; and nature demonstrated [John Dunbar stubbornly pulls his boots over his soon to be amputated leg].

? Introduce a Supernatural Aid Mentor [the General watches on the hill top].

? Hero wishes for a rebirth Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys , which he attempts through death [suicide sequence, Call to Adventure ].

? Refusal [John's fellow soldiers think he's crazy].

? Supernatural Aid recognizes John as a hero [?a man worth something?], and grants him his wish and magical gifts [John Dunbar's desire to see the frontier before it's gone; Cisco the faithful horse and a promotion].

? Hero begins his journey [trip to Fort Hayes with Cisco].

? Meeting the Threshold Guardian [the officer who commits suicide]. Warnings [this journey can drive you insane ? like it did the officer].

? Journey to the First Threshold with the (dangerous) Joker [John travels with ?possibly the foulest man I have ever met?].

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